As the search continues for lighter and stronger car parts, Magris Talc has developed unique jet-milling technologies to produce ultrafine talcs. Our JetFil® and JetWhite® portfolio meets increasingly demanding impact resistance and dimensional stability specifications for automotive applications such as bumpers and body panels. The JetFil® and JetWhite® product range features the finest and most efficient grades from the Magris Talc portfolio for automotive applications.

When the melt flow of TPOs is increased, impact strength tends to drop. The impact strength of talc-reinforced polyolefins is directly linked to the particle size distribution of the talc and to how it disperses in the matrix. To overcome any density issues due to their ultrafine grind, JetFil® and JetWhite® talcs are produced in compacted form to increase bulk density and allow maximum compounding throughput. Their compaction level has been adjusted to provide an optimum handling/ redispersion balance.

Magris Talc’s Mistroblock® and Crys-Talc® product portfolios are also used as antiblocking agents in polyethylene, restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics and are ideal nucleating agents in biopolymers and semi-crystalline polymers. Magris Talc’s portfolio of products also make excellent reinforcing fillers, glass-fiber replacements, foaming agents in polypropylene, and engineering thermoplastics for the production of Lightweight domestic appliances, E&E components, pipes, PVC, Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) and food packaging.


  • Automotive
  • Biopolymers
  • Construction
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Film
  • Rigid Packaging
  • Household Goods
  • Wire and Cable


  • Foaming
  • Glass Fiber Extension
  • Lightweighting and Wall Reduction
  • Breathability
  • Fire Resistance
  • Nucleation
  • Impact, Stiffness, Dimensional Control
  • Scratch and Mar Resistance
  • Sound Damping

Highlighted Products

  • HYPERPLATE™ Talc Product Series
  • JetFil® Product Series
  • JetWhite® Product Series
  • Cimpact® Product Series
  • Mistroblock® Product Series
  • Stellar® Product Series
  • Nicron® Product Series
  • Silverline® Product Series
  • Mistron® HYPERPLATE™ Products

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