Paints & Coatings

Magris Talc engineered microcrystalline talc products are high-purity, premium mineral pigments ideal for high performance coatings. They are designed to give minimum viscosity build and allow for higher loading levels in VOC compliant and high-solids industrial and architectural coatings. Engineered talc products impart hydrophobicity, water resistance, and barrier properties, anti-corrosion performance, film reinforcement, ease-of-dispersion, and anti-settling rheology for industrial maintenance coatings, marine coatings, and general industrial and protective coatings.

Vertal® products are highly lamellar (platy), multi-functional, cost-effective mineral pigments that improve the performance and reduce the formulated costs of interior, exterior, waterborne and primers. Magris Talc offers a portfolio of Vertal® products providing coating formulators the following performance advantages:

  • Opacity and Stain Hiding
  • Barrier Properties and Stain-Blocking
  • Film Reinforcement
  • Ease-of-Dispersion

Proprietary, surface-treated talc products recommended for specific high performance coatings applications, while maintaining ease of dispersion, high brightness, and excellent rheology. Surface -Treated Microcrystalline Talc offers Improved Pigment/Binder Bonding, Improved Blush Resistance, and maintains polishing and high brightness properties.

Formulators interested in high-brightness, high-purity talc products that offer superior pigment spacing properties and flatting efficiency for architectural and industrial coatings should refer to our Mistron product portfolio while those interested in general-purpose talcs with high purity and good brightness for architectural coatings and anticorrosive functionality for industrial coatings should refer to our Nicron product portfolio.


  • Architectural Paints
  • Industrial Paints
  • Wood Coatings
  • Gel Coats
  • Inks


  • Low Viscosity
  • Superior anti-corrosion performance
  • Opacity and stain hiding
  • Stain-blocking and barrier properties
  • Film reinforcement

Highlighted Products

  • Vertal® Product Series
  • Mistron® Product Series
  • Nicron® Product Series
  • Silverline® Product Series

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