Magris Talc offers a range of products targeting the building products market which are suitable for the production of bitumen roofing tiles, floor tiles, joint compounds, stucco and cementitious applications. Talc is a cost-effective alternative to calcite and quartz which also increases tensile strength, compressive strength, flexibility and stamping resistance when used in cementitious applications.

Magris Talc’s are excellent, multi-functional fillers used in self-leveling and self-smoothing floor mortars. Talc platelets demonstrate an affinity for polar organic binders and excellent dispersibility in water. This means that they disperse easily in water-based systems such as cementitious self-leveling and self-smoothing floor mortars.

Magris Talc also offers a broad product portfolio ranging from Fine-grind grades to facilitate surface mineralization of bitumen membranes and prevention of bitumen caking to coarse-grind grades used to back-surface hot asphalt in the production of bitumen membranes, bitumen-based felt and modified bitumen-sheet roofing products.

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