Who We Are

Magris Talc is a leading talc producer operating mines and processing plants in the United States and Canada.

Magris Talc operates mines and processing plants in North America yielding high quality talc. Working at state-of-the-art technology centres, we harness the intrinsic properties of this mineral to provide solutions such as adhesives and sealants, building products, plastics, rubber, paints, food, paper and board, pharmaceuticals and ceramics as well as other specialities markets.

We strive to be the supplier of choice for performance minerals and additive solutions. Magris Talc ensures that you are working with recognized leaders in product quality, supply reliability and technical support.

We understand the complex demands of customers. Our research and development experts help develop solutions by designing new products, technologies and processes. We utilize a stage-gate development process to rapidly assess new ideas and bring the best ones to market as quickly as possible.

What is Talc?

Talc is the world’s softest mineral, a hydrated magnesium silicate. Talc as an ore body has its own features, geology and was formed many millions of years ago. As a natural ore, talc is always found in combination with at least one other mineral. The most common of these is chlorite, a chemically and structurally similar ore. Other associated minerals often found with talc include dolomite and magnesite.

Mined Rocks

Products & Applications

Magris Talc is a North American talc producer, a trusted partner providing high quality products to serve the needs of our customers.

We are a leading talc producer and mineral mining group committed to a strong, sustainable future.