Magris talc offers a wide portfolio of products providing solutions to a number of agricultural applications including seed treatments, coatings and processing aides. Our products are commonly used as additives in fertilizers, animal feed and in the extraction of olive oil with additional benefits that include sun protection and the enhancement of flow properties.

Magris Talc also offers a 100% pre-consumer recycled product for use in agricultural applications.

When used in seed coating applications the Silverline and EZ Flow product portfolios of Magris talc is used to improve seed homogeneity, integrity and seeding production. Our products help reduce abrasiveness and planter equipment wear while also creating a moisture barrier to prevent premature germination of seeds in wet soils or promoting seed germination in dry soils by maintaining moisture locally.

Magris talc is an effective solution for Olive Oil extraction by increasing virgin olive oil yield during the entire olive production campaign. Magris Talc offers the MistrOliva product which works with all olive types and is particularly effective with hard to process olives.

Fertilizer caking and dust management for nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers is important to manage due to their moisture content, storage, and atmospheric conditions. Caking can occur during storage (in bulk or in bags) and transportation resulting in the waste of time, materials and money when returned to the manufacturer. Magris Talc products provide mineral solutions to prevent fertilizer caking. Our EZ Flow® grades offer smooth, flat lamellae cover to each fertilizer granule and helps them to flow freely. Our products are naturally hydrophobic and form a natural barrier around the fertilizer granules which limit water pick-up. They also work as a protective barrier against crystalline bridge formation and protect the fertilizer granule against physicochemical reactions responsible for deterioration and dust development during prolonged storage.

Highlighted products

  • EZ Flow MT
  • EZ Flow VT
  • MistrOliva™
  • Silverline® 403
  • Silverline® 303
  • Silverline® 002
  • Vertal® AF (ULE)

Application Specific Benefits

  • High anticaking properties
  • Better flowability
  • High absorption / optimum loading
  • Precisely controlled fine powders
  • Optimum air/water ratio for growing media compositions
  • Improved yields
  • Plant protection against sunburn attacks
  • Plant protection against insects

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