Experts & Innovation

We understand the complex demands of customers.  Our research and development experts help develop solutions by designing new products, technologies and processes.  We utilize a stage-gate development process to rapidly assess new ideas and bring the best ones to market as quickly as possible.

Our main focus is to improve the properties of our customers’ products.  We work hand in hand with our customers’ in developing new applications to help provide them with a competitive edge, either in technical performance of the finished product or in their manufacturing process.

Our Research and Development center is well equipped to focus on specific industries, ensuring in-depth expertise and a single-minded concentration on customer solutions.  We always aim to develop the most efficient cost saving processes and to produce the most effective materials for each application.Our experts are constantly sharing and learning best-practices with other leaders in their field by attending and presenting at global conferences.  We are constantly at the forefront of technology to create the products for tomorrow’s world.

Latest Innovations

New generation of JetFil® talcs

Our JetFil® range meets increasingly demanding impact resistance and dimensional stability specifications for automotive applications such as bumpers and body panels. The JetFil® range features the finest and most efficient grades from the Magris portfolio for automotive applications.

Engineered minerals for flame retarded ETP

Magris Talc has developed a full range of engineered talc reinforcement agents for use as a full or partial replacement of glass fiber in engineering thermoplastics which are increasingly used in under-the-hood parts and for intumescent flame retarded electrical and electronic applications.