Paper & Board

Magris Talcs are used in the paper industry as a pitch control agent and runnability aid, a coating pigment and as a functional filler. This brochure presents the advantages of using Mistron®, a natural, eco-friendly talc-based product from the Magris Talc range as a pitch and stickies control agent.

A key factor in the success of any pulp, recycled paper or board mill is achieving optimum runnability. Reductions in runnability caused by breaks, excessive broke, bad dewatering or cleaning result in lower total machine efficiency, which directly impacts earnings. The prime causes of runnability problems in pulp and paper mills are pitch and stickies composed of wood resin, adhesives, inks, plastics, binders and hotmelts.

Mistron® is a natural, eco-friendly talc based product specifically designed to control the pitch and stickies that pose these problems. Mistron® is easily retained in the sheet and sold with the paper or pulp, making it an ideal, cost-effective fiber substitute.

Mistron® is chemically inert and does not disturb other process parameters, nor does it react with other additives. It is safe to handle and does not harm the environment, enabling paper mills to work with closed water circuits, reducing river pollution and water consumption, and supporting papermakers’ sustainable development goals.


  • Virgin Pulp
  • RCF and Dip Production
  • Newsprint
  • Tissue Paper
  • Printing and Writing Paper
  • Speciality Papers
  • Packaging and Board


  • Deposit control
  • Functional filler
  • Printability
  • Surface friction control
  • TIO2 Extension
  • Barrier Coatings

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